We are looking forward to get our hands on the next planned releases of which we will discuss in the following paragraphs … but what to play in the meantime to quench our thirst?

The following games are not only the best or most played games of the moment in our opinion but also those that give us more confidence in updates, events and “general health” in view of 2019 and beyond, thanks to the constant support work of the developers.

In short, regardless of their release date, here are the MMORPGs on which we think it makes more sense to invest our time at the moment.

Dungeons & Dragons – Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a heavyweight in the category of free-to-play MMORPGs that, punctually, we cannot fail to include in our summaries. 
Based on the setting of the Forgotten Realms of the evergreen universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is structured like a MMORPG with a rather classic cut , yet with an ” action ” approach to combat typical of other productions.

One of the strengths of the entire production is undoubtedly represented by the fascinating settingthat players will be able to explore in each corner. Moreover, thanks to the official DnD license, many old users will be able to re-meet faces and known places with pleasure. 
In our review we noted with pleasure the attention paid by the developers in the plot and in the immersiveness in general, going to recover a typical tradition of role-playing games that over the years had lost a little.

Since the launch, the game team has been very attentive to the development of its creature, periodically releasing updates and new content. 
The latest major update, The Heart of Fire, dates back less than 2 months and introduced tons of new content: a completely new campaign with grotesque and playful tones, a new skirmish, a total revision of the Crafts system and a new class balancing, as well as events, rewards and shovel items.

Considering the pace that the developers have accustomed us to in recent years, we can expect with reasonable certainty not only juicy expansions for the new year, but also a growing user base: this is why we have decided to reward Neverwinter as one of the best MMORPGs to play in 2019


Skyforge is a good (at times excellent) MMORPG from many points of view, but let’s say it right away: the main reason it is on the podium is that in Skyforge you can … become a God . Literally. 
And for literally, we mean that your PG will become the biggest double , he will hit stronger, he will move faster, he will be able to change his class on the fly by choosing any of the 15 available, he will be entitled to participate in raids reserved for divinities in which face the most epic enemies that can be found in the game, and if you are good enough, you will bring hundreds of followers under your protective wing(ie other players) who can worship you and dedicate temples to you to increase your power. 
Yes, it’s so cool to be a God.

If all this hasn’t convinced you yet, forget it, Skyforge is not for you. 
Otherwise, I could tell you how this game also has an interesting progression system, even if the game world is a bit too instantaneous … how? Have you already run to try it? 


One of the distinctly action-packed MMORPGs from which we have never detoxed and which we have continued to appreciate over time is TERA. 
Among all, it is perhaps the one that most embodies the standard of fast-paced MMO games, which puts an impressive amount of weapons and fighting styles on the plate, all within a fantasy context that is perhaps not particularly original but certainly taken care of and well scripted.

The reasons that led us to include it in this 2019 list are basically two: the recent (last April) landing on Xbox One and PS4, as well as the propensity of developers to release continuous and substantial updates: if you think that the porting on console can having penalized PC users, you are very wrong! 
With a post in his official blog, EnMasse Entertainment announced for March 2019 a very important major update (V80), which will raise the level cap to 70 … a small revolution that will bring with it new quests, a new system of bosses Open -World and, we assume, new content for the endgame, armor, weapons, and various items.