Skyforge is a free MMORPG developed by the Allods team with the help of Obsidian, the authors of Star Wars the Old Republic. 
The title is set in an imaginary world that mixes the imaginary sci-fi and medieval fantasy, in order to win a personality of its own. 
Unfortunately, the marriage between the two scenarios was only half successful, due to various elements whose coexistence sometimes creates situations at the limit of the grotesque.

The game includes a combat system strongly marked by action, in which it is however necessary to aim a target to direct the attack, but making available a combo system typical of action games in third person. 
Skyforge offers a classic quest scheme with instantiated settings and a progression system that closely resembles the Final Fantasy 10 spherography.

A real treat within the title in question is the possibility of becoming gods, complete with followers who will erect temples in our honor within the game world.

A title of undisputed value, which does not reach excellence, but which will guarantee hours and hours of pure fun for a large slice of players.

➔ Main points:

  • MMORPG free to play 2015 in English.
  • Original and stimulating progression system .
  • There is no open world : the whole game is extremely instantiated.
  • Possibility of becoming a divinity and having followers throughout the game world.
  • Italian community not very present or supported.


Full review

Of MMO, and in particular of MMORPGs, over the years we have had the opportunity to try many, some succeeded others a little less. 
Regardless of their qualitative ambitions, however, each of these titles tried to get us into their world; a world with its own rules, with its own civilizations, with peculiar places and characters that, for better or for worse, tried to tell us their story, making the player take a path that would have led him to an alternative reality. 
The title that we will talk about today, falls fully into this category and, perhaps for the first time ever, it will fall into a world halfway between science fiction and medieval fantasy.

Medieval sword in the foreground, futuristic sci-fi mitraglione in the background: it seems that someone has ended up in the wrong game …

Started for the first time Skyforge, it is pervaded by mixed feelings. 
The introduction opens with a flying vehicle that travels in the skies of what is, in effect, a classic representation of a city with a clear sci-fi inspiration. 
Once the shuttle crew is framed, we will immediately know what our alter ego will be; a silent guy with a face covered by the helmet of the one who remembers (not too much) vaguely the armor of a centurion in vogue at the time of the Roman Empire.

Skyforge tells the deeds of immortal beings, whose greatest ambition, as well as mission, is to become nothing less than real divinities, with all that this entails. 
Beyond the plot itself, however, what is most striking is the type of setting in which it was conceived: an imaginary universe that mixes, in the most ignorant way possible, the classic science fiction with the characteristic elements of the more glossy fantasy , the typically oriental one where the characters appear more like models than as grumpy fighters.
The result is something certainly atypical, even rather original in some respects, even if the feeling of alienation that is felt in the first moments of play will recur several times during your games and, to be honest, it seems absolutely justified by the lack of a sense that derives from the desire to unite such different and faraway aspects.

The progression system is original, profound and extremely satisfying … especially when we have become gods!

Between centurions and flying cars

Before going on to play, let’s spend two words on the character creation editor. 
Without too many words, it is absolutely promoted, guaranteeing dozens and dozens of options on which to act to modify all the various parameters of our character. 
For each sex, there are various pre-set templates that can be selected to then make our changes.

It will be possible to change the features of the face, the build, the clothing, the posture, the voice and, more generally, it is possible to work on any aspect, even if not always in the desired way. 
The purely stylistic aspect seems to be something sought for specifically by the developers, who have taken care to provide the player with all the tools (and incentives) to create their own alter ego that is “cool”. 
Among other things, if any aspect of your hero no longer satisfies you, you can always go to the appropriate NPC and make all the necessary changes, and be sure that when we all say, we mean ALL (if there were any strange ideas, so make sure you give your character a name that is good for both boys and girls …

The Skyforge tutorial is perhaps one of the most immediate and at the same time spectacular seen recently in a MMORPG. 
Usually it starts rather slowly, the bases are explained slowly and the first enemies faced range from tender bunnies to plump little pigs.

Meetings between paladins and necromancers can quickly degenerate into Skyforge …

Skyforge, on the other hand, immediately throws us into the fray and not even the time we are told how to execute the basic attack that we immediately find ourselves leading to slashes left and right, with an opening sequence that would not look out of place in a hack ‘n slash in any third person. 
The combat system does not detach itself excessively from traditional systems, in fact to attack a target you must first frame it in the viewfinder and press the attack button intended for the action you want to perform . 
You will not be able to strike at random “in the air”, in a nutshell, yet despite this, the Skyforge combat system is one of the most frenetic and hectic that has been seen lately.
If desired, during battles it is also possible to block the view on a certain enemy, allowing us to move freely without losing sight of our target.

Become a God!

Once the tutorial is complete, we will find ourselves in the main city of the game, a futuristic megalopolis, which will act as a hub to “sort” the players to the places of the missions, which will be assigned automatically whenever these become available. 
In any case, the first thing to do once we get there for the first time, will be to do some practice with the three initial classes that are made available to us in the game. 
The classes present are quite numerous, although initially only the lightbinder, the paladin and the cryomancer will be available, belonging respectively to the support classes, defensive and offensive.
One of the main peculiarities of Skyforge is that our character is not bound in any way to a specific class and that it can be changed to (almost) every moment of the game. 
During battles, of course, it will not be possible to make the change but, at any other time, it will be enough to press a button to see our class modified, passing in an instant, for example, from an offensive class to a support class.

Maybe, one day, you too will complete the “Ascension” and find yourself with followers ready to erect temples in your honor for the whole game world.

In terms of gameplay, this translates into the possibility of adapting your character to the most disparate situations , both when playing solo, choosing each time the most efficient class for a given section, and when playing as part of a group , easily managing to balance any gaps in the party.

Arrived at a certain point, our character will be able to extend his powers and turn into God […] making us a small self-propelled tank damn fun to use.

It is a feature that convinces and is particularly functional to the rejuvenation of the gameplay, also and above all by virtue of the progression system adopted by the developers, disconnected from the accumulation of experience in the classical sense, where each class represents “something in itself”, but linked solely to the character, who will be able to strengthen himself in numerous different fields through what the game calls the “Ascension Atlas” system. 
This, in practice, is a huge graph studded with innumerable points that can be learned. 
Each point is characterized by its own color and, if we decide to learn it, it will give us the right to access a skill, an enhancement or another effect. 
The graph is truly boundless and allows onegrowth of your character targeted around the player’s decisions.

Based on the style of play that we feel most ours, in fact, we will be able to choose to devote ourselves more to strengthening a branch rather than another, deciding on the run what our hero will specialize in. 
Advancing in completing the ascension of Atlas will then reward us with prestige points, the only real indicator to identify the value of a player within Skyforge.

Arrived at a certain point, our character will be able to extend his powers and turn into God, a sort of temporary empowerment that will significantly increase our abilities , making us a small self-propelled tank damn fun to use. As well as the “normal” ones, even their appearance as gods have been extensively treated under the aesthetic form, giving us the opportunity to choose between different types of divinities.

Skyforge is an MMORPG that deserves a closer look … so here is our demonstration gameplay!

When the crossover does not bring the desired results

The technical component of Skyforge is not perfect, but it is absolutely well done as a whole and a step above the average of the other MMORPGs. 
The scenarios are made with care, the polygonal models are well detailed and the textures always appear well defined.

Spells, duels to the white weapon, and explosions … there is something for all tastes!

We can find some shortcomings in the animations that, although well done, have little coherence with each other, often resulting jerky and discontinuous, and in a rather marked aliasing, even when the various filters made available by the graphic settings of the game. 
Nothing too limiting, however, and the game remains always and in any case fully appreciable from a technical point of view; Of course, the requirements, although not very high, require a bit more resources to maintain an acceptable frame rate compared to other games, but they are requests that are however repaid by the graphic level offered.

If on the technical side we can be satisfied, then, on the stylistic side we need to make some clarifications. 
Practically every single thing, from the settings (which in more than one occasion deserves a praise to the developers) to the armor, has an aesthetic design of very valuable workmanship, evocative and well thought out, provided you extrapolate it from the context and examine it for itself. 
What is not at all convincing, in fact, is the general picture which, as mentioned at the beginning, mixes sci-fi with medieval fantasy, generating a union that, leaving out any personal taste, appears objectively not very sensible, with different offsets that sometimes they really look like a punch in the eye. 
To give a practical example,to see individuals with a vaguely punk look, dressed from head to toe with leather clothes, to launch elemental magic appears initially surreal, to then lead to a loud laugh of hilarity when in our party, perhaps on a mission in a remote village in the mountains, a buxom career woman in office attire (with lots of sexy secretary glasses attached) makes her appearance equipped with sword and shield taken from the medieval imagination.

The charm of the settings is undeniable …

In many situations, it seems to be in front of a moddata version of a random Elder Scrolls from Morrowind onwards. 
Please note if you did not understand: we do not criticize the realization, but the consistency, raped in the name of originality.


So, to sum up, what can you say about this Skyforge? 
The title of Allods Team is without any doubt a good title that deserves to be tried. 
As in 99.99% of the titles that offer a vastness comparable to the MMOs, not everything is perfect, and there are features that could make some players turn up their nose more or less sharply. 
However, Skyforge is an interesting game, with a combat system that offers frenzy and action, with peace of mind for those looking for a quieter experience. 
The missions that the game requires us to face have turned out to be almost entirely enjoyable, even though the type of game with instances may no longer be appreciated as it used to be.

As a whole, we can only positively promote the Allods team title, recommending without reservation to try to give them a chance; you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.