Proceeding relentlessly in providing massive content support to its excellent MMO hack’n’slash, Grinding Gear Games has announced during these hours the official release date of Legion, the new expansion dedicated to the famous Path of Exile coming soon on the game servers.

Starting from next June 7, for all platforms on which the game is available, it will be possible to access all the new content of the expansion, which aims to give a real shock to the gameplay of the game.

According to what reported on the official website of the game, the first major addition to the title will be represented by the Timeless Monoliths, which are special artifacts with which you can interact to reveal some fights between legions crystallized over time, which will allow players to deal with enemies of various kinds, with rewards aligned with the danger of the same.

Among other things, in addition to the inevitable assortment of new items obtainable, we point out the introduction of two new archetypes within the game, renamed Blood and Sand Gladiator and Rage Berserker, and a whole makeover of the entire system of combat melee, which will undergo a real revamp with the introduction of Legion.

In addition, if you wish, in the shop have been introduced two “Legion Supporter Pack”, which with a variable disbursement will allow you to get in-game sets called Cult of Darkness and Blood Knight.

In case you want to get a deeper idea about all the news that Legion will put on the plate during the next month of June, we suggest you to take a look at the special page on the official website of the game (which you can see by connecting to the following address:, which lists all the most significant news.

If you are eager to learn more about the expansion, we report below the official trailer of the same published by the development team that, in addition to giving you some useful visual clue to better frame the focal points of the content, contains the commentary of the developers themselves. Good vision!