As you have certainly noticed if you are an avid player of the excellent Perfect World MMORPG, during the last April the guys of the Neverwinter development team released Undermountain on the game servers, which is the brand new major expansion that really brought the game to the title remarkable of new contents.

During these last hours, just to celebrate the release of the new game expansion, the developers have communicated through the official website of the title that they have made available a new package of totally free objects that, for a limited period of time, allows users to be rewarded with a series of exclusive items. 
The package, named iconically ‘ Undermountaineer ‘, will be available until 4 pm on the 16th of Mayand to redeem it you will only have to enter the Zen Market of the game. 
According to what was communicated through the official website of the game, the objects contained in the pack, which is available only for PC users, are the following:

Companion Miconide (rare quality) 
Title in play “Undermountaineer”
Cloak marked by the construct (transmutation mantle)

What do you think of this new free package? Will you be showing off your content during your adventures?

Introducing the iconic Halaster Blackcloakm , known simply as the Crazy Wizard, into the game, players will be called upon to explore the fearsome twists and turns of his kingdom, entering a new and ominous dungeon located in the depths of Waterdeep . 
The innovations brought by Undermountain are in any case really many and, in addition to the new dungeon mentioned above, players will be able to explore new areas of play, experiment with revisions made to talents and class powers and level up to the new level-cap , increased to the 80 unit threshold.

If you want to get an idea a little more precise about the themes and atmospheres of Undermountain, we report below the official trailer released by the development team to better present this new expansion, in which the ‘lore’ is briefly explained behind the content using lots of gameplay clips that do a good job of restoring the aesthetics of the update. Good vision!