For the most patient among you, here’s a look at what the future holds for us.
We have selected for you a dozen of the most promising MMORPG 2019 Free-to-Play titles, and to these we have also added some titles that have not allowed to leak certain information about their business model.
We strongly recommend you to keep an eye on them or, even better, constantly review MMO League to stay updated on the latest news about their release.

Ember Sword

Developer: Couch Studios

Description: Ember Sword is a small project that, if it can prove to be up to expectations, could really deserve a respectable place in the crowded MMO landscape. 
Son of an old school role-playing philosophy, this title seems to want to take the best of the past and adapt it in a modern key, while giving players a great creative space, which will allow them to literally give life to the game world with the own in-game activities. 
Just to give an example, in the game a user can literally buy a specific piece of land, which he can then monetize by starting a store or any other business.

The players will not pay to be able to play but there will be a premium currency called Pixel Token, which will be protected by blockchain and, according to the developers, will guarantee the birth of a fervent economy which, if desired, can also yield real money to the “investors” who decide to use their skills within the game. 
As intriguing, everything is still a bit smoky at the moment and, at least in the short term, we will have to see how the developers will manage an entire world mostly empty, given that it is unthinkable that all users start running an activity right away specific. We will see, for now we are very intrigued.

Strengths: Certainly, the peculiar economic model of the game that, if it really proves able to function and to keep the promises made, could seriously generate a flourishing in-game economy that would return a free to play product totally detached from any element pay to win.

Business Model: Free to play with optional monthly subscription. The team promises that the game will never have any kind of mechanics similar to pay to win. Players will be able to support the economy by paying developers a small fee on transactions made with other players (based on the fictitious premium currency called Pixel Token).

Current Status: Although it is already interesting for many of its shown mechanics, Ember Sword is currently still in an embryonic state and, according to the developers, will be released between the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. It is long gentlemen, it is long…

Magic: The Gathering MMORPG

Developer: Cryptic Studios

Description: When it was announced last year, the new MMORPG set in the world of the famous card game was an event capable of making the deepest wet dream of every self-respecting nerd come true. It was for some time that players from all over the world wanted to be able to tread the numerous Magic plans within a massive dedicated game and, in an inexplicable way to tell the truth, no one had yet come forward to make this fantasy a reality. 
To date, however, after more than a year since that dreamy announcement, the situation has not changed much and, if you try to find some information about the game, you will find that little or nothing has been leaked during this time frame.
Designing an MMO is certainly an extremely long process and the total lack of new information suggests that, at the time of the announcement, the title was still in a pre-production phase. 
We just have to wait and hope that 2019 is a year full of novelties for this highly desired MMORPG.

Strengths: Since nothing is known about the game itself, it is difficult to find a real strength; we will have to let ourselves be aware that a Magic MMORPG is being developed (and it is not cheap) and that Cryptic Studios is a team that has already shown that it can do it.

Business Model: It has been stated that the game will be free to play.

Current State: We do not know but something tells us the development is still in a rather backward state.

Mad World

Developer: Jandisoft

Description: Set in a post-apocalyptic context with strongly dark colors, Mad World is an interesting browser game that can be played both on computer and on mobile devices. 
Described by the developers themselves as an MMORPG that experiments with elements never inserted before within the genre, the game will offer both PvP and PvE content, immersing the player in a chaotic and obscure world, where everything will be characterized to ensure an adequate emotional impact. 
The development team promises that in Mad World there will be no generic NPCs ready to assign us the classic quests common to many MMOs but, on the contrary, will present us with credible and often tormented characters, whose actions and requests will be a direct consequence of their personal emotionality.
Although many details about the game remain unknown at the moment, the films released by the development team over time seem to promise very well, both from a playful and a visual point of view, characterized by a peculiar artistic direction and almost horror tones, which will know surely make the happiness of all the lovers of lugubrious atmospheres.

Strengths: If we reserve the right to express opinions on gameplay when we know more, at the moment one of the most interesting features of the production is represented by the way in which the developers have succeeded in characterizing the game world that, from now on, appears obscure, cruel and brutal.

Business Model: Free to play

Current Status: With the first prototype of the game made in February 2016, the game should now be on the home straight, with a planned release by 2019.

Survived By

Developer: Digital Extremes & Human Head Studios

Description: More than a year after the announcement, Survived By seems to acquire more and more form, reconfirming itself from time to time as a title not particularly suitable for the general public, but absolutely intriguing and interesting for all those who are looking for a deep and particularly hardcore experience. 
The game will be an intriguing mix between a classic MMO experience, though topped with a graphic style in pixel art and an isometric view from above, and a bullet hell, in which reflections and coordination will be an absolutely central element in the economy of gameplay.
Death itself (and consequently the difficulty) is considered a very important part of the whole experience, and the developers are keen to reiterate it even in the various trailers and in the informative material released for the game. 
Dying we will lose much of what we have accumulated previously and our character will be lost forever; at each “respawn” we will reincarnate in a descendant of the avatar we used before and only a small part of our assets can be recovered. 
For the rest, Survived By seems to behave as you would expect, with dungeons to clean up, bosses to defeat, items to craft and activities to be undertaken together with our friends, only in much more hardcore sauce.

Strengths: The declared will of wanting to deliberately focus on a little permissive and punitive experience.

Business Model: Free to play

Current Status: At the moment the game is in a closed beta phase and is not yet accessible to anyone. We trust you will miss the final release shortly.

Lost Ark

Developer: Smilegate

Description: Interesting title that we had already spotted last year, Lost Ark is set up as an intriguing MMORPG with a valuable and spectacular hack’n’slash combat system that presses the accelerator hard on the slope of the game. more unbridled action. 
As can be seen from the numerous gameplay trailers released by the developers, it will be the combat system that is one of the flagships of the production that, by presenting itself with a system strictly without coupling, will allow us to ring combos and offer ourselves in numerous moves from the high adrenal rate.
The graphic section is also very inspired, which, thanks to an isometric view from above, typical of almost all the hack’n’slash titles of this type, offers well-sketched and evocative settings. 
After a fair amount of development time and several beta phases in which Korean players could get their first impressions of the game, the title is about to officially debut in South Korea, with the development team promising that the game will receive support constant and massive post launch, which will expand the game formula with new content released on a regular basis.
Unfortunately, we Western players will have to wait a bit before seeing the title in our country and it is not yet clear when a translated version will be available. The hope is that we do not wait longer than necessary.

Strengths: Without a doubt the combat system, which promises to be as spectacular as it is deep and stratified.

Business Model: Free to play

Current Status: the game has been made available in South Korea since last November 2018. For a global release it will be necessary to wait until at least 2019 forwarded, if not later.

Ascent: Infinite Realm

Developer: Bluehole

Description: Created by the same development team that gave birth to TERA and Playerunknow’s Battlegrounds, Ascent: Infinite Realms is an MMORPG that combines the classic with original mechanics, offering a setting that strongly winks the eye at steampunk imagery, while allowing itself some elements that we can define fantasy in the classical sense.
Once you create your character by choosing one of the available classes, the player will find himself immersed in a game that has many features in common with the more traditional massive titles, including the countless activities to be performed (from quests to dungeons, up to the raid), but that shows its most peculiar side when it puts us at the helm of powerful totally customizable airships, which will allow us to sail the skies of the game and engage in spectacular aerial combat. 
It may seem like a trivial feature, but we can assure you that seeing dozens of players each flying their own way, shooting each other while heavens and other creatures also begin to appear in the skies is something that can galvanize even the most apathetic of the players.
Although in a sketchy form only, through the informative material disseminated by the developers, we were also able to watch simple platform phases (!), While the presence of a housing system that should offer great possibilities for customization to the players is confirmed.

Strengths: A game world that blends together different contexts, from high fantasy to steampunk, where players can both take part in traditional battles on foot and hover in flight by guiding airships, airships and other means halfway between the futuristic and the retro.

Business Model: Free to play

Current Status: The game should now have reached a very advanced point in its development and the long-awaited closed beta phase should therefore be imminent. Despite this, however, the development team has not yet announced any official release date, although we expect new information regarding this soon.

Project TL (formerly Lineage Eternal)

Developer: NCSoft

Description: Project TL is a story to say the least troubled, since this new title of NCSoft was born directly from the ashes of the previous Lineage Eternal, a title that had also passed some beta phases in Korean territory but that, due to the poor quality of the title (also highlighted by the very demanding fans who hardly endured seeing an exponent of the Lineage saga appear so subdued) and of the split of the two companies that were working on the project, had then been totally abandoned, ending up in an abyss of doubts , uncertainties and incommunicability.
A few years after that unsuccessful project, Project TL will now impose itself as the total reconstruction of the basic idea of ​​Eternal, taking up the game world, the narrative (presumably) and some assets, but reorganizing everything with a new engine (the evergreen Unreal 4) and new mechanics better studied, in order to present themselves to the fans in a finally dignified form. 
From the few videos shown of the game, although it is still impossible to draw any kind of conclusion, the game seems to promise enormously well, showing off an absolutely amazing hack’n’slash combat system to watch (we hope that, mouse in hand, the sensations will be the same).

Strengths: The grand return of a legendary MMORPG saga, finally resumed after the slip (erased in time) of Lineage Eternal.

Business Model: Presumably free to play

Current Status: The latest news wanted a first phase of closed beta to start by the end of 2018, unfortunately only for Korean territories. For a Western outing, we will have to wait at least (and at least underline) until next year.