In short…

Announced well in advance after the public success of the previous chapter, GTArcade has finally released the follow-up to League of Angels.

Playable for free through a simple window of our browser, League of Angels 2 allows us to immerse ourselves in a fantasy world highly dominated by MMORPG mechanics.

Unlike the predecessor, which allowed the choice of the class of his character, in LoA 2 we will have the faculty to determine only the sex of our avatar, decreeing its development as possible only during the course of the game.

The chief fault of the progenitor, who returns here more domineering than ever, is the excessive automatism with which the mechanics of the gameplay are set , which leaves very little space to the player, marrying perhaps with a user unaccustomed to the strategy but who will avoid in a one hit any player much more “committed”.

Worthy of mention, however, the technical sector of the title, which represents one of the highest points (if not the highest) ever touched by a browser game. 

➔ Main points:

  • Graphically the best in circulation on browser game.
  • Fully automated gameplay.
  • Artistically more than valuable.
  • Dozens of selectable heroes .


Full review

Here we are again! After a few years from the release of the previous title of the same name, GTArcade released the browser game League of Angels 2 on the internet, a title that goes back to most of the original game’s framework, trying to make it unbelievable in every respect.

If you still have our review of the first chapter of the series in mind, you will no doubt remember how we didn’t exactly praise the game, criticizing them in large part for the excessive automatism it permeated, with the aim of going extremely towards a user who he would have easily exchanged the term “MMO” with an abbreviation of some military organ.

Despite this (in our opinion) huge defect, the game has however had a stratospheric success, so as to convince the developers to make a second episode. 
Will GTArcade have decided to change direction or, following the motto “team that wins does not change”, has preferred to continue undaunted on its own way?

Between monsters and angels

Would you ever say that this is the result of a browser game?

Unlike its predecessor, in League of Angels 2 we will not be able to choose the class of our character, when starting a new game. 
The only choice that will be granted to us will be the one related to the sex of our character that, based on which of the two genres we will select, will make us impersonate a preset avatar. 
To tell the truth, as the gameplay is made, this is not a big lack since, again with reference to the previous chapter, the difference between the various classes was not so noticeable (apart from graphic differences) but still leaves a bit bitter in the mouth to see that you are facing a step backwards compared to the past chapter.

In any case, the substance of the game has remained almost unchanged, in spite of the numerous criticisms received.

Forget about being able to manage your character to the millimeter and, more importantly, the dynamics of battles. 
Today as yesterday, 90% of the League of Angels 2 gameplay is completely automated and relegates the player to be a spectator who, from time to time, is asked to press a few buttons. 
The clashes will always and in any case be completely automatic, with the exception of special attacks, which will be activated with a mouse click when the relative icon (a golden color around the sticker of one of our characters) will be visible on the screen; STOP; nothing else. This is all that the fighting in LoA 2 has to offer.

Fortunately, the management of your PG and the party in general is slightly deeper than the combat system , even if by “slightly” we mean just the narrowest sense of the term. 
By playing and getting rewards, we will enter into “possession” of new heroes that we can add to our team, each of which has a certain level of rarity and power.

90% of the League of Angels 2 gameplay is completely automated

Through a special menu, it will be up to us to decide which heroes to deploy and take us into battle, trying to get the greatest attack strength available.

Decimating opponents, then, we will level up and, through special objects obtainable in the game, we will also be able to enhance ourselves in certain parameters and obtain new abilities. 
Although all this adds a bit more depth to the game, the fact that even these passages are totally skippable and can be managed independently by the system, helps to sweep away the slight strategic patina that had settled on the game.

During the fighting, we will not have much chance of interaction

For the rest, the game proceeds smoothly throughout its structure which, on balance, provides only for an incessant repetition of clashes of increasing “difficulty” , at the end of which we will be rewarded with a score from one to three stars.

Technical peaks

Few stories, if from the point of view of the game League of Angels 2 will certainly not meet the tastes of the most hardcore players, from the technical and graphic one the game of GTArcade represents one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen on a browser window game.

The beautiful 2D backgrounds, conceived from a superb art direction inspired by the most classic of fantasy universes, blend together with 3D models of monsters and characters that are really great and rich in details, which pay the only price of an aliasing sometimes a bit too strong, but hardly manageable in a clientless title.

The GTArcade game represents one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen on a browser game window.


Before making a judgment on League of Angels 2 it is necessary to understand it and enter into the mentality of those who will be its main users.

League of Angels 2 is clearly a game for many but not for everyone.

The GTArcades have deliberately focused on a purely casual range of users, who seeks immediate fun but which continues over the long term and who gives them the feeling of constant and sustained improvement, without having to work too hard to obtain it.

In short, LoA 2 is in effect a casual-sized MMORPG, which voluntarily avoids anyone looking for a deeper and more layered experience. 
Seen in this light, League of Angels 2 carries out its task in an excellent manner, offering content and entertainment to players in large quantities. 
If you are such purists, however, go elsewhere: League of Angels is not for you.