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Top MMORPG 2019: the best games of the moment

We are looking forward to get our hands on the next planned releases of which we will discuss in the following paragraphs … but what to play in the meantime to quench our thirst?

The following games are not only the best or most played games of the moment in our opinion but also those that give us more confidence in updates, events and “general health” in view of 2019 and beyond, thanks to the constant support work of the developers.

In short, regardless of their release date, here are the MMORPGs on which we think it makes more sense to invest our time at the moment.

Dungeons & Dragons – Neverwinter

Neverwinter is a heavyweight in the category of free-to-play MMORPGs that, punctually, we cannot fail to include in our summaries. 
Based on the setting of the Forgotten Realms of the evergreen universe of Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter is structured like a MMORPG with a rather classic cut , yet with an ” action ” approach to combat typical of other productions.

One of the strengths of the entire production is undoubtedly represented by the fascinating settingthat players will be able to explore in each corner. Moreover, thanks to the official DnD license, many old users will be able to re-meet faces and known places with pleasure. 
In our review we noted with pleasure the attention paid by the developers in the plot and in the immersiveness in general, going to recover a typical tradition of role-playing games that over the years had lost a little.

Since the launch, the game team has been very attentive to the development of its creature, periodically releasing updates and new content. 
The latest major update, The Heart of Fire, dates back less than 2 months and introduced tons of new content: a completely new campaign with grotesque and playful tones, a new skirmish, a total revision of the Crafts system and a new class balancing, as well as events, rewards and shovel items.

Considering the pace that the developers have accustomed us to in recent years, we can expect with reasonable certainty not only juicy expansions for the new year, but also a growing user base: this is why we have decided to reward Neverwinter as one of the best MMORPGs to play in 2019


Skyforge is a good (at times excellent) MMORPG from many points of view, but let’s say it right away: the main reason it is on the podium is that in Skyforge you can … become a God . Literally. 
And for literally, we mean that your PG will become the biggest double , he will hit stronger, he will move faster, he will be able to change his class on the fly by choosing any of the 15 available, he will be entitled to participate in raids reserved for divinities in which face the most epic enemies that can be found in the game, and if you are good enough, you will bring hundreds of followers under your protective wing(ie other players) who can worship you and dedicate temples to you to increase your power. 
Yes, it’s so cool to be a God.

If all this hasn’t convinced you yet, forget it, Skyforge is not for you. 
Otherwise, I could tell you how this game also has an interesting progression system, even if the game world is a bit too instantaneous … how? Have you already run to try it? 


One of the distinctly action-packed MMORPGs from which we have never detoxed and which we have continued to appreciate over time is TERA. 
Among all, it is perhaps the one that most embodies the standard of fast-paced MMO games, which puts an impressive amount of weapons and fighting styles on the plate, all within a fantasy context that is perhaps not particularly original but certainly taken care of and well scripted.

The reasons that led us to include it in this 2019 list are basically two: the recent (last April) landing on Xbox One and PS4, as well as the propensity of developers to release continuous and substantial updates: if you think that the porting on console can having penalized PC users, you are very wrong! 
With a post in his official blog, EnMasse Entertainment announced for March 2019 a very important major update (V80), which will raise the level cap to 70 … a small revolution that will bring with it new quests, a new system of bosses Open -World and, we assume, new content for the endgame, armor, weapons, and various items.


Proceeding relentlessly in providing massive content support to its excellent MMO hack’n’slash, Grinding Gear Games has announced during these hours the official release date of Legion, the new expansion dedicated to the famous Path of Exile coming soon on the game servers.

Starting from next June 7, for all platforms on which the game is available, it will be possible to access all the new content of the expansion, which aims to give a real shock to the gameplay of the game.

According to what reported on the official website of the game, the first major addition to the title will be represented by the Timeless Monoliths, which are special artifacts with which you can interact to reveal some fights between legions crystallized over time, which will allow players to deal with enemies of various kinds, with rewards aligned with the danger of the same.

Among other things, in addition to the inevitable assortment of new items obtainable, we point out the introduction of two new archetypes within the game, renamed Blood and Sand Gladiator and Rage Berserker, and a whole makeover of the entire system of combat melee, which will undergo a real revamp with the introduction of Legion.

In addition, if you wish, in the shop have been introduced two “Legion Supporter Pack”, which with a variable disbursement will allow you to get in-game sets called Cult of Darkness and Blood Knight.

In case you want to get a deeper idea about all the news that Legion will put on the plate during the next month of June, we suggest you to take a look at the special page on the official website of the game (which you can see by connecting to the following address:, which lists all the most significant news.

If you are eager to learn more about the expansion, we report below the official trailer of the same published by the development team that, in addition to giving you some useful visual clue to better frame the focal points of the content, contains the commentary of the developers themselves. Good vision!


As we have been able to reiterate over and over again, sometimes explicitly sometimes less, that of MMORPGs is an incredibly vast world, which runs smoothly through dozens and dozens of different strands and which, depending on the circumstances, manages to adapt and to transform itself in a sometimes even particularly important way, though without ever betraying the roots of the genre that inevitably make the genre of belonging very definable.

Originally born on beaches only and strictly PC, the genre later opened, not without difficulty, to other platforms, arriving also on consoles and, finally, mobile devices. 
At each step there was no lack of different hybridizations and, although with mixed results, the tendency has always been to capitalize on the potential of the reference machine to make titles that fit fully with the hardware they were running on. 
Since the time is finally ripe, we, therefore, decided to create a brief article that, drawing a handful of games among the myriad available, could offer a good overview of the MMO titles available on Android devices.
Given the incredible vastness of the subject, some games are due to the force of things to stay out but we trust that, although not completely complete, this article will help you find a game to have fun on the go.

Enjoy the reading!


An old school MMORPG, of those like you don’t make any more!

Publisher: Lakoo

Economic Model: Monthly Subscription

Description: The one represented by Teon is a very particular case within the mobile landscape and that, in a certain sense, puts it almost like a title so classic and faithful to the stylistic features of the genre to make it a sort of “rebel”. 
Against all market logic, the developers have in fact thought of inserting into a MMORPG designed exclusively for the mobile market a mandatory monthly fee to be able to play, in spite of 90% of the competition that instead focuses on a free model stuffed however with microtransactions.
The result of this choice? An extremely refined game, balanced and without the shadow of that plague called pay-to-win, all with an aesthetic sector and a playability that gives a nod to the masterpieces of the past. Try it, at least for the 3 free days provided by the developer.

Albion Online

From PC to smartphone, Albion Online is always very valuable!

Publisher: Sandbox Interactive

Economic Model: Free to Play with optional monthly fee

Description: as you may already know, Albion Online is a game with a double face, since it is usable both in a more traditional desktop way (both on Windows and on Mac and on Linux) and through mobile devices. 
One of the best found of the game, possible just for this duality of use, is given by the complete support to cross play, regardless of the platform from which the game starts. 
The players are in fact “crammed” into a single master server, which makes it safely possible to start a game at home, in the comfort of your own bedroom, and then continue it away from home using our smartphone.
In addition to many features common to massive fantasy-based role-playing games, Albon Online also incorporates other more specific features, such as a totally player-driven economy and a decidedly in-depth housing system. 
While not lacking in defects, Albion Online is one of those games that we strongly advise you to try!

Dofus Touch

The world of twelve at your fingertips

Publisher: Ankama

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: Adapted specifically for use via smartphone and tablet, Touch is the portable version of Dofus, MMO already dear to PC players who can now enjoy the title in a way that has remained unpublished for a long time. 
With the typical graphic style also adopted by the desktop version of the game, with which Dofus Touch shares almost all the contents, this very particular MMO allows players to create their own character by opting for one of the 15 available classes, to then explore the immense World of the Twelve defeating the threats to the sound of turn-based fights.
Equipped with an isometric view from above, Dofus Touch is surely configured as a very particular MMORPG, but able to incorporate all those who will appreciate mechanical and progression within its world.

Toram Online

Ready to customize your character to the extreme?

Publisher: Asobimo

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: Just take a quick look at this game to realize how everything in its interior spur “orientality” from all the pores. 
The look adopted by the developers for the realization of this MMORPG, in fact, follows quite faithfully all the classic stylistic elements of Japanese anime and even when it comes to the real characteristics of the gameplay its nature appears very evident, with long grind sessions to do it from master.
In any case, Toram Online has several arrows to its bow, as boundless possibilities with regards to the personalization of one’s character, a game scheme disconnected from a real class system, which therefore allows a certain versatility of approach, and a visual compartment that, although outdated, still has its figure.

Adventurequest 3D

The 3D sequel to a historic 2D game

Publisher: Artix Entertainment

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: Sequel of the previous Adventurequest, which due to its two-dimensional nature did not have the “3D” in the title as it happens for this sequel, also Adventurequest 3D follows quite faithfully the logic of the MMORPG cross-play, making itself available both on PC, via Steam, which on mobile platforms giving the user the possibility to keep his progress by switching from one version to another. 
Presenting itself with an exquisitely cartoon look, Adventurequest 3D yearns among its main features for the total lack of a well-defined class for its protagonist, who will then be free to switch at will his reference archetype, with the result of always keeping valid and versatile gameplay.

Lineage 2: Revolution

The revolution passes through the smartphone

Publisher: Netmarble Games

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: As easily understood from the name of the game itself, Lineage 2: Revolution is an exclusive title for mobile platforms set in the same narrative universe as Lineage 2, a game that, despite the similarities, is available only for desktops. 
Compared to the main chapter, Revolution is configured as a prequel, being set 100 years before the events of the game released in 2003.
Fans of the series will certainly not find it difficult to recognize some key aspects of the title, although obviously Revolution has had to go through a “mobile-ization” process that has led it to adapt, in terms of mechanics, to the peculiarities of smartphones . Much of the progression is in fact automatic but the beating heart of the historic Lineage series is more alive than ever, all driven by the Unreal Engine 4.

Old School RuneScape

Has anyone said “old school”?

Publisher: Jagex

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: Able to achieve incredible success on mobile platforms, the smartphone version of Old School RuneScape is the direct conversion of the eponymous title released for desktop environments in 2013, in turn a remake, then adequately improved, of the original RuneScape , milestone in the history of MMOs.
Never before in this case, the game is aimed at long-time players of the genus or those who intend to discover mechanics typically old school. Starting from the title, in fact, Old School RuneScape promises to bring back a game (and an epoch) now almost completely forgotten and, although it manages to do it in a completely successful way, the particular game mechanics could be a bit indigestible to those who are used to more modern experiences.

Villagers and Heroes

Welcome to this world of heroes and ordinary citizens

Publisher: Mad Otter Games

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: By competing to outline a trend that is now very popular, Villagers and Heroes also found one of the strengths in the most radical cross-play, allowing players to play both traditionally via desktop and on the move via smartphone and / or tablet. 
Based on a typical sandbox game scheme, Villagers and Heroes presents a vaguely cartoon-like visual compartment, similar in some ways to that appreciated in World of Warcraft, with a fantasy setting. 
The game world is dashed with abundance and, among the main quests and numerous secondary activities, the things to be done will certainly not be missing, even though a real PvP sector is not currently present in the game.
Flawless optimization and gameplay perfectly suited to mobile gaming close the circle.

Special Guest: Pokémon GO

Niantic’s augmented reality title is healthier than ever!

Publisher: Niantic

Economic Model: Free to Play

Description: Inserting a Pokémon GO into a list dedicated to MMO titles is perhaps a bit risky, but considering the atypical nature of the title and the many features in common with the massive titles, it is quite clear how the creation of Niantic can coexist with the other titles present here. 
On the game itself, to be honest, there is little to say, given the widespread rate that led him to be known even by those who do not chew a lot of video games. 
In any case, three years after its release, the game is more alive than ever, constantly supported with new content by its developers and much improved in gameplay compared to the first version.
If you have always dreamed of being real Pokémon coaches, the game of Niantic is what comes closest to the basic philosophy of the historic series: wandering around the world, catching them all!

Neverwinter: Undermountain Pack Release

As you have certainly noticed if you are an avid player of the excellent Perfect World MMORPG, during the last April the guys of the Neverwinter development team released Undermountain on the game servers, which is the brand new major expansion that really brought the game to the title remarkable of new contents.

During these last hours, just to celebrate the release of the new game expansion, the developers have communicated through the official website of the title that they have made available a new package of totally free objects that, for a limited period of time, allows users to be rewarded with a series of exclusive items. 
The package, named iconically ‘ Undermountaineer ‘, will be available until 4 pm on the 16th of Mayand to redeem it you will only have to enter the Zen Market of the game. 
According to what was communicated through the official website of the game, the objects contained in the pack, which is available only for PC users, are the following:

Companion Miconide (rare quality) 
Title in play “Undermountaineer”
Cloak marked by the construct (transmutation mantle)

What do you think of this new free package? Will you be showing off your content during your adventures?

Introducing the iconic Halaster Blackcloakm , known simply as the Crazy Wizard, into the game, players will be called upon to explore the fearsome twists and turns of his kingdom, entering a new and ominous dungeon located in the depths of Waterdeep . 
The innovations brought by Undermountain are in any case really many and, in addition to the new dungeon mentioned above, players will be able to explore new areas of play, experiment with revisions made to talents and class powers and level up to the new level-cap , increased to the 80 unit threshold.

If you want to get an idea a little more precise about the themes and atmospheres of Undermountain, we report below the official trailer released by the development team to better present this new expansion, in which the ‘lore’ is briefly explained behind the content using lots of gameplay clips that do a good job of restoring the aesthetics of the update. Good vision!


Over the past few hours, with an announcement that surprised everyone (positively), Sandbox Interactive has officially announced that its Albion Online fantasy-themed MMORPG will go free to play over the next month and, more specifically, starting from April 10th .

All those who have already purchased the game will be able to benefit from some small bonuses, summarized by the words of the developers that we report to you, translated below:

“Starting next April 10, everyone will be able to join the ranks of our vast community of adventurers in exploring the world of Albion, on all platforms, for free and without any limitations.

For our veteran players, we have an exclusive thank you gift: the incredible Specter Wolf mount . Specter Wolf has all the statistics of a Direwolf but with peculiar phantasmal features and only those accounts that will have an active Founder or Starter Pack redeemed by April 10th at 10:00 UTC will be qualified to obtain it.

In addition to this, there will be a 10-day Fame boost period that will start immediately after the scheduled maintenance for April 1st and will end with the next 10th maintenance. The “Mist of Albion” buff will be active, giving to players a 25% Fame bonus obtained through in-game activities (with the exclusion of Fame obtained from Tomi), so don’t miss this huge opportunity to unlock new equipment and improve your stats.

For all those who do not yet own the game but want to join it immediately, we are offering a 34% discount on all the bundles available until April 10th, which will give you instant access to the game, a conspicuous haul in Gold currencies and Premium and access to the Specter Wolf mount once the game is switched to free to play. This will be the last chance to get the Starter Pack before it is abandoned next April 10. “

In the meantime, in order to give you the chance to get a better idea of ​​the game, here is the official trailer for Oberon, which is the latest content released by the development team on the game servers. 
Good vision! (and welcome to Albion Online in the world of Free-to-Play MMORPGs)