As you may already know, Halloween (October 31) is coming… This date is usually perfect for in-game events. So we shouldn’t be surprised if our favorite games start to be decorated with pumpkins. Well, following that reasoning, it’s good to know that Blade & Soul already has things organized for the party.

According to the information, the Halloween event of the game Blade & Soul will start on October 16th. Named Blade & Ghoul, the event will last from October 16th to November 13th. And of course, during this time, many quests and rewards (including a hunt for two curious characters) will be available to players.

To participate you must accept the Candycloud on the Horizon mission, then you must go to the village of Jadestone and from there enter the portal that will place you in Candycloud park. The goal is to kill Yippi and Skippi and by doing so you will receive many rewards. You have daily quests with which you can get Pumpkin Spice Candy, these candies will also be obtained by entering the game every day.

Candies can be exchanged for gifts until next December, so you will have enough time to think about what to invest.

Finally, October will be filled with curious adventures, “tricks and tricks”. If you like Blade & Soul, it is good to start preparing so that you can earn all the possible rewards.