In short…

After an unlucky first period in which it had not been appreciated at best (commercially speaking), Aion, Ncsoft’s MMORPG, embraced the free to play game model , making a high-end product arrive on our computers in completely free.

By choosing and customizing our PG from two different races we will be ready to immerse ourselves in the world of Atreia. 
On the quest side, the game is a classic massive RPG with tons of missions to accomplish with objectives such as fighting and collecting various items. 
On the PvP side, on the other hand, the game takes on the characteristic of presenting enormous battles without a quarter where people get beaten up without knowing how to read or write. 
On the battlefield (Abyss), in addition to the two races at war with each other, there will be a third deployment (controlled by the computer) which will add further cannon fodder to the whole.

Graphically, thanks to the use of Crytek’s CryEngine graphic engine, the game is a real spectacle for the eyes, giving back perfectly modeled characters and postcard-like scenarios impossible to not admire.

Aion is a great title that, once the justification of the monthly fee (which has been eliminated) has been removed, it really has no more reasons not to be tried.

➔ Main points:

  • Extremely classic MMORPG translated into Italian.
  • Much played in our country.
  • Excellent graphics on exit, but now slightly dated .
  • Get your wings off and take flight … nothing but mount!

Full review

Over the years, there has been an increasing number of attempts to oust the ever-WoW form from the most played MMORPG podium ever. 
Of the self-proclaimed “anti-warcraft” games they came out in abundance but, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) nobody ever really came out of the comparison against the champion.

Also due to the crisis, in one of the most difficult genres to maintain, like that of MMOs, a curious phenomenon has developed. 
To cope with the not-so-excellent commercial results, many manufacturers have had to align many of their products with free formats or, in any case, very facilitated from a monetary point of view, in order to save them from the brink of bankruptcy.

This is the case of Aion, a MMORPG developed with a high budget that is now possible to play for free .

The game is set in the world of Atreia, now in ruins where, following a war of enormous proportions, a literal rift has been created that has divided it into two distinct parts, one radiated by the brightness of the light populated by the elisians, the other immersed in darkness and inhabited by the Asmodians.

The narrative background of the game is, however, more complex than this and, if you wish, the game provides us with various opportunities to deepen our knowledge of the world of Atreia; here, it suffices to know that the two factions (Elyos and Asmodians) are at war with each other and that, needlessly to do so, the player will be asked to choose which race to take sides with.

Light and shadow: eternal rivals

As already mentioned, the player will have the task of choosing between Elyos and Asmodians. 
The Asmodians are enchanting beings, with almost perfect features and that, although this definition is not entirely correct, one could say that their appearance follows what is usually attributed to the array of “good”. 
Asmodians, on the other hand, are beings who rarely saw the light of the sun; their appearance has changed proportionally to this characteristic, they are dark creatures, sometimes with bestial traits.

The choice is rather radical and, once opted for one of the two races, we will not be able to create characters belonging to the rival faction if we do not first change servers or delete all those already created. 
Once the race is chosen, we can decide which class to belong to, choosing from a rose of six: warrior, explorer, magician, priest, engineer and artist. 
The classes are all well differentiated between them and, once a certain level is reached, each of them can evolve into different specializations.
The side relative to the mere aesthetic customization of our character is also excellent; the present editor is not the most profound ever seen but still maintains excellent levels. The parameters on which to act are very many and, whether you want to create an elf with a model body or a perfect midget to play as a retired Santa Claus, there is no risk of being disappointed.

How to Icarus?

Aion, keyboard in hand, is a full-blown MMORPG. Wandering around the world we are given tons of quests to complete, all of which are based on the previous ones, some more or less. The tasks to be carried out, in fact, are more or less always the same and if you expect big variations from the classic scheme “go, kill tot. X and come back ”, the risk of not seeing one’s expectations met is quite high.

The quests are more a way to have a sort of “guide” that accompanies us in the growth of our character than anything else, despite those related to the main plot they let themselves play with pleasure. 
Lately, several MMORPGs have been seen around that have partly embraced action features to streamline the fighting and refresh the gameplay; Aion is not part of this category and remains faithfully anchored to what are the original cornerstones of the genre. Combat takes place by targeting an enemy and selecting various abilities. Timing and reflexes of the player are more than marginal.

Particularly sponsored by the game itself is the ability, at level 10, to be able to fly. 
Our character will get real wings, which can be different and with different bonuses, which will allow us to flutter for the maps. To tell the truth, this addition does not always blend perfectly into the context. In the PVP clashes it is an important addition to the tactical nature of the fights but, as far as the ordinary sections and the exploration are concerned, it is only a means, limited in time among other things, to travel long distances in less time.

Orbi barrel!

In Aion the PVP was treated with some care. 
Starting from level 25 you will be able to access a special area called “the Abyss”. 
The Abyss is a sort of middle ground, located between the lower realm (belonging to the Elyos) and the upper one, belonging to the Asmodians. 
Wanting to use practical terms, the Abyss is a sort of huge battlefield in which Elyos, Asmodians and Balaur give themselves a blessing without worrying too much about good manners. 
The Balaur are another non-playable breed, present in more than generous amounts in the abyss and which, basically, deals with arranging any imbalances between the two teams inside the abyss. 
The beauty of the abyss is that,unlike the other areas, there are no restrictions on the use of wings, which can be used practically anywhere and at any time. 
In addition to greatly favoring the speed of displacement, the unrestricted use of the wings allows different and more reasoned approaches to combat, which will see us engaged in the consideration of vertical as well as horizontal directions. 
In the abyss there are also particular fortresses that can be conquered by one of the factions, giving rise to large-scale epic fights.

The glory of a time gone by

The graphics engine that moves the game is a specially modified version of the CryEngine, an engine that, at the time, was able to make more than one player drop his jaw.

Getting the wings will be one of the most important steps to take, as well as one of the most influential in terms of gameplay.

When Aion came out he earned the reputation of being one of the most graphically MMORPGs ever, and with good reason. 
Time, however, is the worst enemy of the graphic avant-gardes and, unfortunately, even Aion could not escape this law. 
Please note, it is still a beautiful title to see, with dreamlike landscapes and well-shaped and animated characters; only that, over time, other games have come out that have ousted him from his throne, making him lose a record that, right up until a few years ago, he was entitled to.


They have dozens of fantasy MMORPGs and hardly one comes out able to tick all the others; Aion is one of these. 
Well-groomed, refined, fun and long-lived, the NCsoft title is able to offer as much as expected. 
Of course, he has now somewhat lost the glaze he had at his exit, not so much in terms of mechanics and contents that, over time, have been extended and refined, but rather, in the competition that has definitely become more fierce than in past. 
Last note: the title was not born free to play, but it has become; consequently you will have the quality of a paid title without having to shell out a penny.